Rental Trees


How it Works

1. Book and pay for your rental trees and refundable deposit of £15.00 (trees are in 35L pots with a saucer)
2. Around December 7th we will have a fleet of rental trees available to select from at your chosen shop (deliveries also made at this time)
3. Water daily - about 500ml, and keep away from heat sources
4. Return your tree and saucer anytime however not later than January 8th. Deposits then refunded (saucer value  £3.00)

Return Instructions:
    a - Take your tree and saucer to any of our shops (look for the red tent or red flags)
    b - Write the booking Surname and Phone # on a white label (provided with tree).
    c - Attach the label to your tree and leave the tree by the tent/flag
    d - We will contact you for your deposit refund (usually with a few days)

Your tree is then put back in the field for another year…

Terms & Conditions

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