FAQ Answered

Please find below a list of FAQ Answered.  If you cannot find an answer to your question please send us an email: sales@cotswoldfir.com
 or call us on: 01242-506123 

We deliver within the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud corridors covering approximately 7 miles from Primrose Vale at GL51 4UA.

We deliver broadly to the following postcodes: GL1, 2 , 4 & 5, GL50, 51, 52, 53

We are not offering a Bristol delivery service, sorry. Please contact our agents who cover this area:


We have also have a new site for 2023 at Lotmead Farm in Swindon for selection and collection only from the 25th November.

Delivery - You are not required to be home for delivery. We would require a safe place to deliver the tree. This can be noted at check out or at the shop.

Collection - You are not required to be home for collection. You can simply leave the tree outside safe ready for us to collect. *If you have a rental tree and would like for us to hold it for the next season, we require the tag to be attached to the tree with contact details to advise.*

Delivery - We start our delivery service of rental trees from 7th December. Cut trees delivery would start as soon as we can from early as 21st November. We can't garauntee dates, please let us know any specifics, and we'll try our best to accommodate.

Collection - We will start collecting from 3rd January - 10th January. Any specifics, please advise in advance and we'll try our best to accommodate. We'd normally give you a call prior to advise.

*This service is quite busy for the driver. We can't guarantee any slots. It's helpful to advise at time of purchase*

No, we are only able to bring the tree to your front door. 

If your tree has been damaged in transit please contact us within 24 hours of delivery and we will endeavour to replace it.  If you do not want a replacement but we have delivered a tree we will retain the delivery and collection charges.

If you have specific preferences please visit Primrose Vale Farm Shop and choose 'the tree' that really wows you.  
You can either pick-up and return your tree yourself or we can deliver your chosen tree to your home and collect it in January.

Our pot grown rental Christmas trees come in a 35 litre pot of soil. They can weigh approximately 25kg or more depending on how big the tree is. To keep it healthy over the festive season position it away from heat sources and water it well. If required we will deliver the tree to your front door and collect it in January.

Our rentals are grown in 35 Litre pots which add a lot of weight to the tree. We can net the tree the same way as we net our cut trees. Provide you do not have a car load full of people or car seats, we can fit our trees in most cars.

*Just to make you aware, although the soil may not come out of the pot, some needles could still shed off of the tree*

Yes it matters! Your tree will need watering every day just as it is at Primrose Vale. This will help it survive for future rentals in the years to come. If you cannot find someone to water the tree every day we suggest either returning it early or placing it outside until you return. If you are going away for a significant period of time we perhaps recommend that you don't rent a tree this year.

Yes, we work closely with Tewekesbury Borough Council.

Just drop off your tree by the 15th January. The trees will be taken for composting.

Alternatively, for a fee, we can collect.

We reccommend taking the net off carefully from the base up.

Upon returning - Slide the net on the tree from the base (easier done with 2 people).

If your net has been damaged or you've not kept it, use a bin bag by cutting a hole at the bottom and sliding it up from the base of the tree.