#7 foot Rental Claus & refundable £15 damage deposit

Regular price £70.00
Tax included.

 #7 Christmas Tree rental is approximately 7 feet tall including the pot.

Large rental trees can be individual, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We strongly advise that should you purchase online for delivery, you still select your tree at Primrose Vale.

Price includes a £15.00 damage deposit refundable upon the return of the tree in good order after Christmas. This damage Deposit DOES NOT cover the full value of the tree. Non return of the tree will incur a further £40 charge

Rental Claus – How it Works

1. Book and pay for your rental tree now (trees are in 35L pots)
2. Collect your tree from the first week of December. We will have a fleet of rental trees available at your chosen shop to select from (deliveries of rentals also made at this time)
3. Return your tree anytime, however, not later than January 10th. You're deposit will be promptly returned (collections of rentals also made at this time)

Your tree is then put back in the field for next year…